A Visit to Helsinki

From Sept. 22-24 took place the Nordic-Baltic AirFair and the seminar “Mobility and artist residencies” in Helsinki Madis Mikkor from ...
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    Work on the AiR webpage has begun.

    We have finally started developing the Artists in Residency webpage as well as it’s blog.

    There is still a long way in front of us, but we will do our best in realizing this promising project.
    Stay tuned.
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      22-23. September – the Nordic AIRFAIR in Helsinki.

      22-23. September Tartu Air will participate in the Nordic AIRFAIR in Helsinki.
      This will be the first occasion to promote the Tartu residence programme in the public and create necessary contacts for establishing visibility in the prime target area for residents – the Nordic countries.AIRFAIR is followed by a seminar in Kiasma theatre
      MOBILITY AND ARTIST RESIDENCIES – New possibilities for art and culture in the future
      The Seminar has three main themes:
      1. The international and Nordic perspectives on mobility in the art and culture sector; the development of mobility and different financing models,
      2. Best practices; rural vs. urban residencies,
      3. Future visions for the Nordic-Baltic mobility programme for culture 2012-2014.

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