GlobaliFashion Exhibition

Seçkin Aydin, the first artist in residence of Tartu AiR, has opened his exhibition, ‘GlobaliFashion: Estonia’ in Antonius ...
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    Error Collective at CCC

      Creative Center Carnation hosted their first artists in residence from 3rd – 6th May. Ernest Truely (USA/Estonia) and ...
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      We are happy to announce the arrival of the first participant in the Tartu AiR programme. Originally from Diyarbakır, Turkey, the costume artist Seçkin Aydin has just finished a residency in Berlin. For the month of May he will stay in the Tartu Center for Creative Industries and work in St. Anthony’s Courtyard.

      Seçkin’s focus will be researching tradtional Estonian costumes and creating new designs combined with upcycled materials.

      TAiR was launched in 2012 in cooperation with the City of Tartu and several creative initiatives, including the Tartu Center for Creative Industries and St. Anthony’s Courtyard. The lead partner and coordinator or TAiR is Creative Center Carnation.

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