Harekrishna Talukdar and Purabi Baruah (India)

Harekrishna and Purabi are our Artists in residence since September 2012. Coming from different fields of art -Harekrishna is a ...
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    Andrew Armstrong (USA)

    Andrew Armstrong, an American artist currently living in Paris, spent a month in the Printing Museum in June 2012. Originally from ...
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      Seçkin Aydin (Turkey)

      Originally from Diyarbakir, Turkey, Seçkin Aydin studied Fine Art Education and sociology, writing a Ph.D thesis on the affect of ...
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        Robyn Smith (Australia)

        Robyn Smith was an Artist in Residence at the Printing Museum in August 2012. Trained in Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Robyn has been a ...
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          Error Collective Printing

          Error Collective (Estonia/USA/Canada)

          Error Collective came to the Printing Museum in May 2012. During their residency they created ‘art tags’ and other printed ...
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