Konstantina Niina Achilleos

Konstantina Niina Achilleos. Photo: Mana Kaasik

Konstantina Niina Achilleos. Photo: Mana Kaasik

Konstantina is a young artist who can be proud of her heritage. Born to a father from Cyprus and a mother from Finland, she is a native speaker of both Greek as well as Finnish. Maybe it is her own colorful background that has made her keenly interested in indigenous cultures, as currently she is studying in the Sámi Education Institute and has included North Sámi among the languages she knows.

As an artist too, Konstantina is an observer of the world and people around her, and likes to seek out discarded and unwanted objects, that she then turns into sculptures.

Her plan in Tartu during the month of November follows this pattern — to learn and explore the city, to understand the mentality of its citizens, to collect pieces of wooden materials that have been discarded and to work these into sculptures reflecting the experiences.

Konstantina’s residency takes place in collaboration with the Tampere House in Tartu, where Konstantina has her accommodation as well as a studio space.

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