Kindred Spirits // an exhibition by “Jeya” Jeni Yang

Kindred Spirits. An exhibition by Jeni Yang.

Kindred Spirits. An exhibition by Jeni Yang.

On Saturday December 17th at 19:00, Jeya invites everyone to the Printing Museum Balcony gallery “backstage” to present various artworks and experimental animations created during her one-month residency.

Jeya is a Taiwanese-born artist who is living and working in sunny California. After a career as an illustrator she went back to school and acquired a degree in experimental animation. Lately she has spent some time in residencies from Panama to Spain and now Estonia.

The focus of her artwork has been on local species that are in some way endangered. For her Estonian project, Jeya has chosen the European Mink, that she has used as s central figure in a computer animation, a moving puppet, hand powered stop-motion devices and other works. Regardless Jeya has not deviated from her background in illustration, so the all the works tend to carry a strong colorful atmosphere.

Jeya’s one-night presentation is the culmination of her residency in Tartu. She has not been to this part of the world before and the Tartu Artist in Residence program allowed her to broaden her understanding of Nordic culture and acquire new artistic insights.

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