Exhibition by the Association of Estonian Printmakers in the Tartu Printing Museum: MEETING MYSELF

May 31 to June 25, 2017

The exhibition is opened on May 31 at 6 pm.

Members of the Association of Estonian Printmakers (AEP) meet in Tartu at the Swiss-like neutrality of the Printing Museum exhibition space. The exhibition is meant from printmakers to printmakers and to everyone else, it is a meeting of the FIRST and LAST works of the artists.

The words FIRST and LAST can be separated by up to 50 years or any other shorter/longer period in the artist’s life. Some artists work their whole lives on the same picture, others change with every season, still others with every political situation. And the first shall become last and the last shall become first.

During the exhibition the following artists meet their own works: Britta Benno, Sirje Eelma, Eve Eesmaa, Hannah Harkes, Gudrun Heamägi, Inga Heamägi, Virge Jõekalda, Kai Karolin, Lauri Koppel, Silvi Liiva, Raul Meel, Naima Neidre, Mall Nukke, Enno Ootsing, Illimar Paul, Marilyn Piirsalu, Mari Prekup, Reti Saks, Merike Sule-Trubert, Helen Tago-Mullaste, Evi Tihemets, Vive Tolli, Kadri Toom, Maria-Kristiina Ulas, Kelli Valk, Maara Vint, Marje Üksine, Kalli Kalde, Maret Olvet, Harri Leppänen.

The exhibition is supported by the Tartu Printing and Paper Museum, the Association of Estonian Printmakers, the Estonian Artists’ Association

Exhibition compiled by: Inga Heamägi, AEP
The gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 12 to 6 pm

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